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Corporate Law

Our Law firm provides all the necessary legal advice to the creation and development of corporate activities for clients, from incorporation, registration services before trade agencies, aiding in the practice of corporate acts of the companies everyday routine, corporate reorganization, planning and implementation of corporate governance structures.

In order to do so, our professionals have extensive expertise in a wide range of associations.

Among the main activities performed by our office regarding Corporate Law, we would like to highlight:

• Elaboration and negotiation of corporate instruments regarding the creation and modification of several corporate structures, such as limited liability companies, sole proprietorship, corporations (publicly held corporations or closely held corporations), associations, foundations, cooperatives, joint ventures, consortiums, family businesses, participation companies, among others.

• Elaboration and negotiation of instruments and corporate actions, such as partners or shareholders agreement, partnership agreements, votes at meetings, draft of meetings and meeting of members, among others, as well as the elaboration of powers of attorney.

• Providing legal instruction in planning and structuring of corporate reorganization, as well as elaboration and analysis of contractual instruments aiming at acquisition, transfer of control, demerger, merger, incorporation, liquidation of companies, and implementation of corporate governance structures.

• Development of corporate and succession planning, together with our clients.

• Performance of due diligence in corporate transactions, covering all areas of actuation of our law firm.

• Legal representation at general meetings of shareholders or members.

• Participation in arbitration proceedings involving corporate disputes.

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